Monica Ekholm (Mrs.), Finnish citizen, came to Vietnam on 10 Nov 2009

Dear Mr. Ngo Quang Trong
 We are now back in Sweden again.
 The trip "North West Loop" was much interesting and we are very pleased with your arrangement.
 Some comments:
 Guide: We are very satisfied with Mr. Binh.
 Car: It was a good decision to choice that type of car but it had been better if the car had been equipted with 2 lines of passenger seat instead of 3, liked the car which picked us up at the train station in Hanoi.
 Driver: The driver drow carefully but sometimes he had problem to find the right way which worried us a bit.
 The road are partly very bad due to road repairs.
 Hotels: According to the circomstanses the hotels were OK.
 Mr. Trong, if you want recommendations or have any questions don´t hesitate to contact me.
 Thank you very much
 Kindly Regards
 Per-Olof Ekholm
 Monica Ekholm (Mrs.)