Olive Wade group, British citizens, visited Vietnam on 15 October 2007


Hi Son Ha,

We did enjoy our trip to Vietnam alot. We loved Sapa and our guide there named Sue-sue was wonderful. We had a great time. The only thing that we didn't like was our arrival at 4:30 am on the train to Hanoi. We needed a place to freshen up some and to rest a little, before things opened up in Hanoi. Dat was a great guide and he walked us around the park until things opened up.

The train ride back to Hanoi was really tough, since we had a berth over the wheel and it was much to loud to sleep at all. So it made it a very long day. We couldn't get to Halong Bay until noon and that was some wasted time too early in Hanoi. You did a great job and we will recommend your services to other people. Thank you so much for everything. My internet has been down in our condo and it is taking awhile to get it fixed so I am at an internet cafe and. that is why I haven't answered you email sooner. Best regards,