Services in Join Group Tours


To cut the cost but keep quality of the tours, we offer join group price. In general, you still enjoy your private tour with high quality accommodation, private tours. Only in some famous destination (Sapa, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Nhatrang, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta…) instead of organizing private tour, we will send you to group tour. You will have chances to share your emotion with travelers from all over the World. Of course you also get inconvenient in sharing condition.


In Hanoi: Hoa Binh Hotel, Sunny Hotel, Thuy Tien Hotel.

In Hue: Hue Heritage Hotel, Asia Hotel.

In Hoian: Lotus Hotel, Thuy Duong Hotel, Hoian Hotel.

In Nhatrang: Green Hotel, Vien Dong Hotel, Hai Yen Hotel, Que Huong Hotel.

In Saigon: Empress Hotel, Best Western Chancery, Liberty Hotels.


Our meals cover around 6-8 dishes and dessert. Vietnamese, Western style, seafood, vegetarian or others will be provided depending on the customer needs or destination you visit.

Meals in Group Tours

There are usually 6 persons in a table. Mostly Vietnam food is served.


Safety first, we use cars, vans which manufactured recently (from 2000-2005).

For group of 2 persons we usually use 5-seat cars.

For group from 2 persons to 6 persons we usually use vans (12-16 seat) to make you feel comfortable in the tour.

Train transfer from Hanoi to Sapa: Royal Train, Tulico Train, Ratraco Train, Pumpkin Train

Transportation in Group Tours

For group tours the vehicle are 16-seat vans, 35-seat buses, 45-seat buses.