Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall


Location: Located at 46 Tran Phu St., Hoian Town, Quangnam Province, Vietnam.
Characteristics: Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, also called Kim Son Pagoda, was built in 1692 by Chinese Phuoc Kien merchants.

It has since been restored and enhanced many times. Because it was used for worship as well as for meetings by the Chinese from Phuoc Kien Province, this construction is now called the Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall.
The Holy Mother and the Goddess of the Sea, Thien Hau, are worshipped in the main sanctuary. The Phuoc Kien ancestors and the God of Prosperity are worshipped in the sanctuary behind the main one.
This temple is architecturally unique with its artistic ornaments and beautiful statues. The Chinese architectural style combined with Vietnamese workmanship has enriched it with Hoian’s cultural character.


Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism