Savannakhet - General Information
HTML clipboardLocated : In central part of the country
Total Area: 21,774 square meters
Population: 850,000

Dinosaur Fossils
HTML clipboardFossilized dinosaur bones were discovered at Ban Tangvay Village, Xonbuly District in 1930. They are now housed in the Dinosaur Exhibition Hall in Khanthabuly, the provincial capital.

Heuan Hin or Stone House
HTML clipboardIt is a shrine built by the ancient Khmer to the glory of their “Sikhottabong” empire. The stone House is located in Ban Dongdokmay, 15 kilometers from Xayphouthong District or 66 kilometers from Khanthabuly, the provincial capital.

Ho Tay Pidok Library
HTML clipboardThese library houses a collection of 200-year-old palm leaves manuscripts written in the ancient Kham-Pali and Lao alphabets. It is located in Ban Nonglamchan Village, Champhone District.

Route 9, GMS East-West Economic Corridor
HTML clipboardPart of the Ho Chi Minh trail and remnants of American tanks and warplanes can also be visited in Phin District on Route 9, close to the Lao Bao border checkpoint with Vientiane about 250 kilometers.

That Phon Stupa
HTML clipboardIt is also another important religious figure found in the Province. 

Wat Inghang Temple
HTML clipboardWat Inghang Temple was built during the reign Sikhottabong of King Sumitatham about 2,000 years ago and is meant to mark the place where Lord Buddha rested while visiting the Kingdom of Sikhottabong

Wat Xayaphoum Temple
HTML clipboardLocated at Ban Xayaphoum Village on the bank of the Mrkong River, Wat Xayaphom was built in 1542, the same period of Ban Thahir or Nakham.

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