Pongsaly - General Information
HTML clipboardLocated : In the northern most of the country
Total Area: 16,270 square meters
Population: 174,000

Moung Gnot-Ou District
HTML clipboardIt is the most northern district of Laos. There is a population of 25,000 scattered across 98 villages and 11 ethnic groups. The majority is farmers and cultivators. The interesting landmark No. 7 can be seen at Lan Tui, the Lao-Chinese Border Checkpoint.

Wat Ou-Tai Temple
HTML clipboardIt is situated in Ban Ou- Tai Village, constructed over 500 years old by Praya Chakkawattiraja. Within the monastery, there is Hor Thane Keo (plac where Buddha Images are kept) which was constructed by mud and decorated with the arts in its original form.

Wat Luang Ou-Neua Temple
HTML clipboardAn ancient structure, which had been built in the same time of Wat Ou Tai, located in Ban Ou Neua Village. All structures are very beautiful especially the double overlapping roof featuring Lue architecture.

That Phou Xay Stupa
HTML clipboardLocation: Located at the top of the hill, Wat Luang Ou-Neua Temple can be reached by walking up 400 stairs.

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