Stung Treng - General Information
HTML clipboardProvince: Stung Treng
Area: 11,092sq km
Population: 95,184

Anlong Trey Phsot
HTML clipboardName: Anlong Trey Phsot
How to go: 57 km (4h) From Provincial Town.

Kantuy Ko
HTML clipboardName: Kantuy Ko
How to go: 4 km (15mn) From Provincial Town.

Ou Pong Moan Resort
HTML clipboardName: Ou Pong Moan Resort
Description: Is the natural and man-made resort which locates at Pong Moan village, Ou Pong Moan Commune, Steung Treng District in nine-Kilomter distance from the provincial town.

Phnom Preah Theat
HTML clipboard

How to go: 2 km (5mn) From Provincial Town.

Location: Thmey Village and Commune, Stung Treng District

Preah Ko Temple
HTML clipboard

How to go: 3.5 km (10mn) From Provincial Town.

Location: Intersection of Sékong River and Mékong River, Thla Borivat District.

Thala Bariwatt Resort
HTML clipboardName: Thala Bariwatt Resort
Location: Located at thala Bariwatt district in four-kilometer distance from the provincial town.

Wat Phnom, Stung Treng
HTML clipboardWat Phnom, Stung Treng Borrowing the name of the famous land mark temple in Phnom Penh, this one isn’t high enough for a good view of the area, though you can see the mountains along the Lao border to the north. Anew wat is currently under construction on the site.

HTML clipboardDescription: Cambodia is home to some of the most significant populations of mammalian wildlife in Asia. Endangered species such as leopards, tigers, bantams, gaur, barking deer and the near-extinct Kouprey – the Kingdom’s national animal and the world’s rarest large mammal – have been sighted off the beaten path

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