Pursat - General Information
Province: Pursat
Area: 12,692sq km
Population: 418,305

Bak Tra Resort
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Location: Is the natural resort locates at 16-Kilomater distances from the provincial town of PurSat by Road N.56 to Kra Vanh District

Description: The resort consists of:

Cardamom Mountains
HTML clipboardCheck the Koh Kong chapter for information on the fried from Koh Kong to Pailin, which cuts through the Cardamom Mountains on the western edge of Pursat province.

Floating Village of Lake Tonle Sap
HTML clipboardFloating Village of Lake Tonle Sap: Heading east from Pursat town, about one-third of the way to Kampong Chhnang town is the town of Krakor. Just a few kilometers to the north are Lake Tonle Sap and the floating village of Kampong Loo-uhng

Kam Pong Luong Resort
HTML clipboardName: Kam Pong Luong Resort
Description: Is the natural resort locating at the bank of Tonle Sap richingin white sand and clear water-suitable for swimming during the dry season.

Luaing Trach
HTML clipboardName: Luaing Trach
How to go: 49 km (1h:30mn) From Provincial Town.

Neak Ta Khleang Moeang
HTML clipboardName: Neak Ta Khleang Moeang
Location: Is the main historical site in Cambodia and located at Snam Preah Commune, Ba Kan District in Six-Kilometer

Pnhom Baykhlor Resort
HTML clipboardName: Pnhom Baykhlor Resort
Description: Is the natural and cultural resort. It locates at Thuaut Chum village, Thnaut Chum commune, Ko Kor District in 20-Kilometer distance from the provincial town of Pur Sat by the National Road N0 5 then turning right more 12 Kilometers to the East.

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