Prey Veng - General Information
HTML clipboardProvince: Prey Veng
Area: 13,788sq km
Population: 1,027,393

Weaving Handicraf Center
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Weaving Handicraft Center 55 km (2h:30mn) From Provincial Town.

Location: Prék Chorngkran Village, Prék Chorngkran Commune, Sithorkandal District. 

Ba Phnom Resort
HTML clipboardBa Phnom Resort located at Chheu Kach commune, Ba Phnom District in the distance of 78 Kilometers from Phnom Penh and 45 Kilometers from the provincial town of Prey Veng with turning left more seven kilometers at kampong Seung market.

Ba Ray An Det Resort
HTML clipboardName: Ba Ray An Det Resort
Location: Located at Ba Ray village, Ba Ray commune, Prey Veng District in three-Kilometer distance west of the provincial town of Prey Veng.

Fish Growing Center
HTML clipboardName: Fish Growing Center
How to go: 23 km (40mn) From Provincial Town.

Nokor Phnom
HTML clipboardName: Nokor Phnom
How to go: 45 km (1h:30mn) From Provincial Town.

Prey Chong Srok Temple
HTML clipboardName: Prey Chong Srok Temple
How to go: 50 km (2h) From Provincial Town.

Viel Brang (Veal Brang)
HTML clipboardName: Viel Brang (Veal Brang)
How to go: In the City.

Vihear Chan Temple
HTML clipboardName: Vihear Chan Temple
How to go: 30 km (1h) From Provincial Town.

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