Pailin City - General Information
Province: Pailin City
Area: 803sq km
Population: 40,982
Density: 29

Bah Hoi Village
HTML clipboardBah Hoi Village you will pass through an internal refugee camp from different areas of the country that were formerly under Khmer Rouge control and are now in the hands of the government

Border Crossing & Casino Area
HTML clipboardBorder Crossing & Casino Area The locals refer to this area as simply Pbrohm. This was a main lifeline of the Khmer Rouge during the years of fighting with the government. Food, supplies and weaponry were brought over from Thailand here.

Goh-Ay Mountain
HTML clipboardGoh-Ay Mountain The destination here is a river that’s great for a swim. Definitely for the dry season if you want to be a bit more adventurous and see more of the area.

Kbal Autavao Resort
HTML clipboardName: Kbal Autavao Resort
Description: It is the natural resort full of beautiful scenery with clear-water canal,

Kbal O Chra
HTML clipboardName: Kbal O Chra
How to go: 5 km (15mn) From Provincial Town.

Ou Eb Resort
HTML clipboardDescription: It is the natural and ancient resort with waterfall and many big trees.

Phnom Keuy Resort
HTML clipboardDescription: Is the natural resort with beautiful scenery of natural forest and river, and locates at Sangkat Steung Kach, Khan Saha Krau in 20-Kilometer distance from the Pailin town.

Wat Phnom Yaht
HTML clipboardWat Phnom Yaht This is the hilltop temple next to Wat Gohng-kahng. The temple is a good example of how things have changed in Pailin since the surrender deal.

HTML clipboardWaterfall like all waterfalls, the rainy season is the best time to go with the water flowing best then. But there are still pools of clean water to cool off in during the dry season and the heavily forested hills provide nice scenery.

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