Koh Kong - General Information
HTML clipboardProvince: Koh Kong
Area: 11,160sq km
Population: 164,707

Cham Yeam Resort
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Name: Cham Yeam Resort

Location: Locates at Mondul Sey Ma District, at the Cambodia-Thailand border in eight-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Koh Kong.

Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall
HTML clipboardName: Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall
How to go: 24 km (2h:15mn) From Provincial Town.

Kbal Chhay Resort
HTML clipboardName: Kbal Chhay Resort
Location: Locates at Mun Dul Sey Ma District in 25-Kilometer distance from the provincial town by the sea path

Khun Chhang Khun Phen Resort
HTML clipboardName: Khun Chhang Khun Phen Resort
Description: Is the historical resort located in front of the provincial town in one-kilometer distance, and has a sputa located on the rock, at the middle of the sea.

Koh Mool Resort
HTML clipboardName: Koh Mool Resort
Description: Is the biggest island in Cambodia, which has 22-kilometer length, seven-kilometer width and 350-mater height in comparing with the sea level, and locates in the sea, at Koh Kong District in 24-Kilometer distance from the provincial town of Koh Kong.

Koh Sdach Beach
HTML clipboardName: Koh Sdach Beach
How to go: 79 km (4h) From Provincial Town.

Koh Smach Beach
HTML clipboardName: Koh Smach Beach
How to go: 81 km (4h) From Provincial Town.

Prek Chik O`srey Sranash
HTML clipboardName: Prek Chik O`srey Sranash
How to go: 6 km (10mn) From Provincial Town.

Prek Ta Nuon Beach
HTML clipboardName: Prek Ta Nuon Beach
How to go: 120 km (5h) From Provincial Town.

Ta Tay Waterfall
Name: Ta Tay Waterfall
How to go: 50 km (1h:45mn) From Provincial Town.

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