Kampong Thom - General Information
Area: 13,814 sq km
Population: 642,932
Density: 41
District: 8

Kroul Romeas Group
HTML clipboardBehind Kroul Romeas Group, there were four more sanctuaries made of brick and built during the reign King Suryavarman 1(end of 11th century). These sanctuaries were built on a rectangular hill, and faced to the East. One of sanctuaries was not completely built yet, it was likely built in later period.

Lion temple group
HTML clipboardLion temple group comprise 18 temples with two ramparts closed to the pond. The reasons why the people called Lion Temple because on the tops of all stairs from the four directions, there were sitting lions with forelegs standing up, hind-legs humbling down, its head rose up and its mouse opened to the sanctuary.

Phnom Santuk (Santuk Mountain)
HTML clipboardSince the ancient time to the present, Phnom Santuk Mountain has been called in many names as below:
 - Phnom Thom (in history)
 - Phnom Arth Santuk (In history)
 - Phnom Chorm Chong Kiri
 - Phnom Krop Tuk
 - Phnom Preah Bat Chann Tuk

Prasat Andet Temple
HTML clipboardPrasat Andet is located northwest of Provincial Town of Kampong Thom, in Prasat Village, Sankor Commune, Kampong Svay District, Kampong Thom Province. The temple was built in second half of 7th century (627-707) during the reign of king Jayavarman I to dedicate to God Hirihara, in Kampong Preah style and made of brick with masonry, laterite and sandstone.

Prasat Kok Rokar (Preah Theat)
HTML clipboardPrasat Kok Rokar is located in Rokar Phum, Srayov Commune, Stung Sen District, Kampong Thom province in a 14-km distance from Provincial Town of Kampong Thom. The temple was built of sandstone and laterite in Khleng style at the end of 11th century during the reign of king Suryavarman I to dedicate to Siva.

Prasat Kuh Nokor
HTML clipboardPrasat Kuh Nokor is located in Trodoc Poung Village, Pong Ror Commune, Baray District, Kampong Thom Province and is in the complex of Wat Kuh Nokor (Buddhist Pagoda). To reach there, passenger can take all kinds of vehicle on National Road 6, then turn west through the gate of Kuh Nokor pagoda in a distance of 2km.

Prasat Phum Prasat
HTML clipboardLocated in Prasat Village, Prasat Commune, Snatuk District, Kampong Thom Province. This temple located in a 27-km district from Provincial Town of Kampong Thom, and there is road from the southern direction of 500-meter length. This temple was built of brick, masonry and sandstone in 8th century (706) with Kampong Preah style to dedicate to Siva.

Prasat Sambor Group (Northern Sanctuaries)
HTML clipboardNorthern sanctuary group comprised 11 sanctuaries separated from each other with the one at the middle, and had two-wall rampart. The sanctuaries were built of brick and limestone and carve in the beautifully real Khmer style.

Prasat Yeai Poeun Group
HTML clipboardPrasat Yeai Poeun Group comprised a total of 22 sanctuaries (5 have octagonal shapes) with two wall rampart, and was built of brick, masonry, laterite and sandstone in rectangular from in 7th century (600-635) during the reign of Isanavarman I to dedicated to Shiva. They were built on a hill with Gopura from the eastern and western entrances joining to an outside laterite rampart

Preah Bat Chan Tuk
HTML clipboardIt Was built by King Ang Chan I (16th century).
 - King Baksei Chamkrong built a wooden temple on Phnom San Tuk at the same year.
 - Sculptures carved on large ancient stone with many scenes of story.
 - Buddha statue reaching Nirvanawas carved on larges-stone since 16th century.

Prey Pros
HTML clipboardPrey Pros is a natural and cultural site located at Prey Pros Village, Prey Preal Commune, Kampong Svay District in approximate 16-km distance northwest of Provincial Town of Kampong. The site cover an area of 2 million square meters and includes a river (4,000-meter length and 30-meter width) which is rich in Domrei fish

Sambor Prei Kuk Group
HTML clipboardSambor Prei Kuk cluttering sanctuaries were located in Sambor Village, Kampong Cheuteal Commune, Prasat Sambor District, Kampong Thom Provice. King Mahendravarman had reigned form 607 to 616, was a son of a king Sambor Prei Kuk style characterized the real Khmer talent

Sambor Prei Kuk
HTML clipboardThe ancient city where monuments of Sambo Prei Kuk are found today was identified as ISANAPURA, the capital of Chenla in 7th century. Chenla was a former vassal of the Funan kingdom that was one of the first state in Southeast Asia, but it gradually gained its power and eventually King Citrasena Mahendravarman of Funan in the early 7th century.

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