Kampong Cham - General Information
Kampong Cham is the capital of the province of the same name and the third largest city in Cambodia. With its Mekong River location and relatively close proximity to Phnom Penh (123km) and Vietnam, Kampong Cham has always been an important trade and transportation hub. The highway from Phnom Penh is in excellent condition-you can get here in just under two hours by road or by the bullet boats that are a main mode of transportation between towns on the Mekong River. Either way it’s a nice fide, with views of the rural countryside or river area, depending on which way you go.

Chor Cha
HTML clipboardName: Chor Cha
How to go: 86 km (2h:15mn) From Provincial Town.

Chroy Chek
HTML clipboardName: Chroy Chek
How to go: 17km (30mn) From Provincial Town.

Koh Pen Beach
HTML clipboardName: Koh Pen Beach
How to go: 2km (2mn) From Provincial Town.

Man-Made Resort Of Teuk Chha
HTML clipboardName: Man-Made Resort Of Teuk Chha
Description: Next to the temple, there is a canal existing since the ancient time. The canal has water all year round, either dry or raing seasons; water which is clear and non-stopped flowing which leads to attracting tourists to enjoy it happily. On either side of the clear-water canal, there are plants and trees growing; but now these plants and trees have been cut off to make a big plain where the wast water spreads out at the rock temple.

Nokor Bachey Temple
HTML clipboardThe historical site is located at 2.2 Kilometer distance from the Kampong Cham provincial town along the National road N0 7 (Phnom Penh- Kampong Cham) in 12-kilometer distance and turn left more 200 Metres. The temple can be accessible by all types of vehicles.

Phnom Han Chey
HTML clipboardHan Chey Mountain has official name “Chey Kiri Mountain” located at the East of Kampong Cham province, at the northern part of Mekong River. This resort located at Han Chey village, Han Chey commune, Kampong Siem District in the distance of 18 kilometers by water and 20 kilometers by land. The mountain can be climbed up by 295 beautiful stair steps, and has pagoda and the temple of Kuk made of ancient solid bricks each has seven-square meter size.

Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros
HTML clipboardLocated at Kro La Commune, Kampong Siem District in Seven- kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kampong Cham or 114-kilometre distance from Phnom Penh with exceeding 500 Meters to the left.

Preah Theat Teuk Chha
HTML clipboardLocated at Thmor Da village, Boeung Peay Commune and at Thmey village, Kroch Commune, Prey Chhor District in distance of 39 kilometers from the provincial town. The resort was organized in AD 1005 during the reign of King, Sorya VarmanI. The construction of Pheah Theat Teuk Chha temple was arranged by Mr. Chung Chheal (Cheak Teak Kho Leah or Dr. Lak Sin Trak); the place of Pheah Theat Teuk Chha called Srey Kon Trei Svarak; the two Buddhist statues called Bornesvarak and and Sorak Svati; in front of the temple, there is another temple, the small residence of angel.

Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krov Temple
HTML clipboardIs an ancient site located at the Southeast of Kampong Cham province, at Prey Nor Kor village, Daun Tey Commune, Ponhea Krek district in the distance of 42 Kilometers from the provincial town of Kampong Cham. Prey Nor Kor Knong-Krov temple can be accessible by the National Road No 7 and turn right by a trail at Dam Nak Cha village.

Wat Preah Theat Thmor Da Temple
HTML clipboardIt is the ancient site located at the Southeast of Kampong Cham province; it located at Preah Theat Thmor Da village, Preah Theat commune, Ou Rang Au District.

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