Kon Tum - General Information
Area: 9,690.5 sq. km.
Population: 383.1 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Kon Tum Town.

Ba Na Village
HTML clipboardLocation: Ba Na Village is in the Central Highlands, Kon Tum Province.
Characteristics: Ba Na Village has many beautiful wooden stilt houses. The staircases leading to the houses are made from tree trunks; each step meticulously chiseled by the skilled Ba Na men.

Communal House ( Rong House)
HTML clipboardLocation: The Rong House can only be found in villages to the north of the Central Highlands, especially in Gia Lai and Kon Tum provinces.
Characteristics: It is a large, imposing, beautifully decorated stilt house built in the middle of the village. It is where community activities take place, reception of guests, meetings, wedding ceremonies, or praying ceremonies. It is also the place for reception of guests.

Kon Tum Prison
HTML clipboardLocation: Kon Tum Prison is located in the western part of Kon Tum Town, Kon Tum Province.
Characteristics: The prison was built by the French to detain patriotic revolutionaries.

Tay Nguyen Grave House
HTML clipboardLocation: Tay Nguyen Grave House is located in the Central Highlands, Kon Tum Province.
Characteristics: According to aged old customs of ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands, after the burial of the deceased they grave to shelter the grave from rain and sunshine.

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