Son La - General Information
Area: 14,174,4 sq. km.
Population: 1,007.5 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Son La Town.

Moc Chau Plateau
HTML clipboardLocation: Moc Chau Plateau is 199km from Hanoi along National Highway 6.
Characteristics: The plateau is about 1,000m above sea level and around 80km long and 25km wide.

Son La Provincial Museum
HTML clipboardLocation: Son La Provincial Museum is located in the centre of Son La City, 328km from Hanoi.
Characteristics: The Son La Provincial Museum was originally a penitentiary built by the French in 1908; thousands of Vietnamese patriots were imprisoned here.

Tham Tet Toong Grotto
HTML clipboardLocation: Located in Chieng An Commune, 2km from the Son La Town.
Characteristics: Tham Tet Toong Grotto is a wonder of nature. The cave is more than 150m long.

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