Lang Son - General Information
Area: 8,331.2 sq. km
Population: 746.4 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Lang Son City.

Chi Lang Defile
HTML clipboardLocation: The Chi Lang Border is located in Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province, and 110km from Hanoi and 60km from the Sino-Vietnamese border.
Characteristics: The defile consists of a valley surrounded by high mountains and through which runs the Thuong River.

Mau Son Mountain
HTML clipboardLocation: Mau Son Mountain is located in Loc Binh District, about 30km from Lang Son City to Mau Son Rerort.
Characteristic: With the wind whistling up and the cloud floating down, the sky seems within hands reach. The panorama from the highest peak in Lang Son region is like a Chinese ink drawing.

Nhi Thanh Grotto
HTML clipboardLocation: Nhi Thanh Grotto is situated in Nhi Thanh Street, approximately 1km from the Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.
Characteristic: Nhi Thanh is one of the most beautiful grottoes in Lang Son Province.

Tam Thanh Grotto
HTML clipboardLocation: Tam Thanh Grotto is situated in Tam Thanh Ward, Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.
Characteristic: There is a poem by Ngo Thi Si carved on the grotto wall praising the magnificent natural beauty of the area.

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