Ha Giang - General Information
Area: 7,945.8 sq. km.
Population: 683.5 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Ha Giang Town.

Dong Van Highland
HTML clipboardLocation: In Dong Van District, 146km far from Ha Giang Town, Ha Giang Province.
Characteristic: Dong Van has a lot to offer: mountains, forests, hidden grottoes and caves, and many valuable plants for medical purposes.

Khau Vai Love Market
HTML clipboardOnce a year, parted lovers have a chance to rekindle past affairs by trekking through forests and mountains to reach the Khau Vai Love Market in Ha Giang Province to enjoy a brief reunion during which they share sweet memories, swap gifts, or simply stare at each other. Sometimes, they are accompanied by their spouses on a journey as wild as the terrain.

Ma Le Hamlet
HTML clipboardMa Le Hamlet is situated near Lung Cu Mountain in Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Although it is small, it contains many interesting things.
 Ma Le Hamlet has only about 20 houses but it contains most of the typical cultural features of the Day ethnic group. Day ethnic people live close to and in friendship with people of other ethnic groups, such as the Mong, Lo Lo Chai, Pu Peo… but they still retain their own characteristics.

Pho Bang Valley
HTML clipboardPho Bang is a small town at the frontier of Vietnam and China, lying at 20 kilometers far from Dong Van suburban district and 117 kilometers away from Ha Giang Township.

Xin Man Market
HTML clipboardExploring local markets in the northeastern mountainous provinces, such as Ha Giang, could be one of the most interesting memories of foreign tourists who travel throughout Vietnam.

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