Binh Dinh - General Information
Area: 6039.6 sq. km.
Population: 1,566.3 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Quy Nhon City.

Banh It Tower
HTML clipboardLocation: Located at the high hill in Dai Loc Hamlet, Phuoc Hiep Commune, Tuy Phuoc District and 25km from Qui Nhon City.
Characteristics: Banh It Tower site now includes 4 towers: Main Tower, Nam (South) Tower, Cong (Gate) Tower, and Dong (East) Tower.

Canh Tien Tower
HTML clipboardLocation: The tower is located in the place used to be the middle of the Do Ban Citadel in Nhon Hau Commune, An Nhon District, and 27 km north-west of Qui Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province.
Characteristics: The 20m-high tower has got a square base and several stories built of bricks. In the distance, it looks like two wings of a fairy flying up to the sky.

Doi Tower (Hung Thanh Tower)
HTML clipboardLocation: Located at Dong Da Ward, Qui Nhon City, and 3km from the city center.
Characteristics: Doi Tower site was built in the late 12th century and early 13th. Here, there are 2 towers of 18m and 20m in height respectively.

Duong Long Cham Tower
HTML clipboardLocation: Duong Long Cham Tower is located at Go Dang, Binh Hoa Commune, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province.
Characteristics: This tower is a group of 3 biggest towers. It was built in the 12th century with very beautiful architecture.

Ghenh Rang Beauty Spot
HTML clipboardLocation: Ghenh Rang is situated in the south of the poetic Quy Nhon City, 3km from the downtown.
Characteristic: Ghenh Rang is marvelous for its vermilion twilight and moonlit nights amid the vast water and sky.

Hoang De Citadel ( Do Ban Citadel)
HTML clipboardLocation: Located at 27km north-west of Qui Nhon City in Nhon Hau Commune, An Nhon District, Binh Dinh Province.
Characteristics: The citadel was built at the end of the 10th century, during the reign of Emperor Yangpuku Vijaaya.

Long Khanh Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: The pagoda is located at 141 Tran Cao Van Street, Quy Nhon City Binh Dinh Province.
Characteristics: It was built in the late 17th century under the reign of Emperor Le Hy Tong (1676 – 1705). During that time, Buddhism was preached there.

Quang Trung Museum
HTML clipboardLocation: In Binh Thanh Commune, Tay Son District, 45km from Qui Nhon City, and 5km off the highway.
Characteristic: This museum is dedicated to Nguyen Hue (Quang Trung), a national hero of the 18th century.

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