Hon Chen Temple


Location: Hon Chen Temple is standing just on the bank of the Perfume River inclined to poetic dreams and 10km upstream of Hue City, Vietnam.
Characteristic: Hon Chen Temple for cult of Po Nagar, the Goddess of the ancient Cham minority. After then, the Vietnamese continued the cult and name the Goddess as Heaven Goddess Y A Na.

This temple for Goddess appeared in this place centuries ago, but with a very simple design, and after then, reconstructed with a larger and more beautiful architectural scale in 1886.
Hon Chen Temple is situated at a lovely site seated on the slope of the mountain Ngoc Tran (Jade - cup) with sheer cliff and mirroring in the deep blue water of the Perfume River.

Hon Chen Temple Festival


Time: The 3rdday of the third lunar month (spring festival) and the seventh lunar month (autumn festival).
Place: Ngoc Tran Mountain and Hai Cat Communal House, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province.
Objects of worship: The Holy Mother Thien Y A Na (Mother of homeland), who created the land and the tree, the forest and taught people the art of growing these trees.
Characteristics: Having a procession on the Huong River.

This is the traditional festival in Hue with many rites. The Holy Mother procession takes place on the Huong River at night which starts from Hue Nam Temple to Hai Cat Communal House with a long line of boats bound together into a big rafts. In the festival night, everyone wears court dress look like prince and princess in the Nguyen Dynasty. At the end of the festival are ceremonies of releasing and floating lanterns.


Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism