Du Hang Pagoda


Location: Du Hang Pagoda is located at 121 Du Hang Street, Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong, Vietnam.
Characteristics: The pagoda is considered an ancient architectural relic of the city.

The pagoda was built under the Ly Dynasty. It was later renovated in the 17th century by Nguyen Dinh Sach, an officer of the imperial guard who resigned and became a Buddhist monk. In 1899, during the reign of King Thanh Thai, a monk by the name of Thong Hanh expanded the pagoda and built a bell tower. The existing pagoda resulted from the repair work carried out during that time.
Inside the pagoda are several statues that are intricately engraved in the style of the Nguyen Dynasty. Valuable relics, such as bronze tripods and gongs, are also kept in the pagoda.


Du Hang Communal House Festival


Time: The 18th day of the second lunar month.
Place: Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong City.
Objects of worship: Ngo Quyen.
Characteristics: Cheo singing, ca tru singing, chau van singing.

Communal house opens festival every year, includes worshipping ceremony, a procession of ancestral tablet to the establishing of relationships between communes: Dong Khe, Hang Kenh, Phung Thap. Performances of cheo, tuong, ca tru, chau van in the evening and games of Chinese chess, wrestling, cock fighting... in daylight.


Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism