Museum of Cham Sculpture


Location: The Museum of Cham Sculpture is located at the intersection of Trung Nu Vuong and Bach Dang Street, Danang City, Vietnam.
Characteristic: The Museum of Cham Sculpture was built in 1915 with the financial support of the French Far-East Research Institute in Vietnam. This museum houses the most extensive collection of Cham art worldwide.

In the past, the capital of the Champa nation was located in Danang; other famous sites of the Champa civilization include Tra Kieu, Dong Duong, My Son, and Thap Man.

The Museum of Cham Sculpture was built in Cham architectural style, using thin lines that are simple and gentle. Cham architecture originates from the period between the 5th and 15th centuries, when a matriarchal society prevailed.

At present, the museum displays approximately 300 sculptures, among which some are made from terracotta. The sculptures were collected from Cham Temples and towers throughout Central Vietnam, more specifically the area stretching from Quangbinh to Binhthuan. All the sculptures are displayed in ten showrooms named after the localities where the pieces have been discovered. After viewing the pieces in the showrooms,   there are exterior exhibitions that can be visited.


Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism