An Binh - Binh Hoa Phuoc River Island


Location: The island of An Binh - Binh Hoa Phuoc emerges from the middle of the Tien River , just opposite to the Vinhlong Town . The island has four communes, including An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Ninh, and Dong Phu in Long Ho District.

Characteristic: The island covers an area of about 6,000ha. Its soil is fertile and rice, and there is fresh water and fruit trees. Several fruit orchard are opened to the public. Visitors can walk among the trees, relax in hammocks, try all kinds of delicious tropical fruits, and sometimes ones have a meal or stay overnight.

Some of the attractions include:

Mr. Sau Giaos Flower Garden in Hoa Ninh, with hundreds of various ornamental plants: yellow apricots, chieu thuy plums and jasmine. Longan and mango tree gardens and fish ponds are all around the garden.

Mr. Muoi Days Stilt-House is made of wood and sits on the Ninh Hoa Canal . Beside it are fruit tree gardens of longans, grapefruits and sapoches. The house can serve tourists lunch, or provide a place to stay for an evening or two.

Mr. Hai Hoangs Old House was built in the style of the French with a large yard, and behind are rambutan and longan tree gardens. Lunch and evening stays are also provided for tourists.


Source: Vietnam Administration of Tourism